Friday, December 31, 2010

Album: The Mire - Volume:II

Band: The Mire
Album: Volume:II
Label: Eyesofsound
Year: 2010

01. The Nobleman
02. Shadows
03. The Rift
04. Curse Variations
05. Wheelwalker
06. Fears

The Mire is a progressive post-metal band from Brighton, UK originally featuring members of celebrated UK underground acts Centurion and Bossk.

The Mire’s most recent CD/EP, ‘Volume II’ was released by Eyesofsound on December 13th 2010 through iTunes.

The band’s current line up consists of guitarist/vocalist Robin Urbino, guitarist Stan Critchley, drummer Blake Mostyn and bassist Jack Loudoun.

“…With debut release ‘Volume I’ recorded and mixed by guitarist/vocalist Robin Urbino at his home studio, The Mire have begun to unveil the plentiful depths of their creation. Featuring the sombre crush of ‘Wheelwalker’ and the progressive soar of ‘Fears’, Volume I is an involving first step for both band and listener.”


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