Thursday, December 30, 2010

Album: Rosa Parks - Black Is The Color Of Bondage, Blue Is The Past

Band: Rosa Parks
Album: Black Is The Color Of Bondage, Blue Is The Past
Label: Self Released
Year: 2010

01. Stay Punk! Stay Prog!
02. 0110
03. Only The Lights
04. Dance While You Still Can
05. The Saville Inquiry

Do you remember the great post-rock band from Győr,Hungary called Rosa Parks?
Well, they released a new EPj ust a few days before 2010 is gone forever.
Thanx to Gergo for pointing that out!

Official Site (in Hungarian)

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thurston said...

Very good album. I recommend it strongly if you are into caspian, citizens of the empire, long distance calling. A lot of energy and complex music structures gives a real pleasure. Each track reserves a lot of surprises (often based on several kind of movements). Music can be light and go back to big sound, always sounding really good post-rock. I listen to it in loop mode for more than a week!!!

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