Friday, December 10, 2010

Album: 36 - Memories In Widescreen

Band: 36
Album: Memories In Widescreen
Label: 3six Recordings
Year: 2010

01. Before Time
02. After Time
03. Drifta
04. Drowning
05. Disappear
06. The Mirror
07. Lucid
08. Memories In Widescreen
09. Melt
10. Side
11. Vesl
12. Revert Time
13. It's You (It's Me)

"Memories In Widescreen" is the first vinyl-exclusive album from 36, with 13 tracks spanning 70 minutes of material.

The intense, bitter-sweet melancholia of "After Time" converses with the touching, dreamlike quality of "Lucid", whilst the huge bass drones of "Vesl" preclude the haunting "Revert Time", bringing the album to it's heart breaking conclusion.

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