Friday, February 18, 2011

Album: Birds In Row - Cottbus

Band: Birds In Row
Album: Cottbus
Label: Throatruiner Records
Year: 2011

01. Among The Ashes
02. Colossus
03. Words Of Astaroth
04. The Ace Of Fools
05. Chat Noir
06. A Kid Called Dreamer
07. Outro

Too straight forward and too filthy to get back to the so-called hardcore fan base that bloomed on Modern Life Is War's grave, too kind to belong to the crust/sludge scene, the three hard workers from Birds In Row seem to avoid their city as much as labels.Then you can still wonder where do they take place between Modern Life Is War, Kylesa or Cursed. The first ones for the guts unpacking and their heartbreaking spleen, the second for their punk roughness and their abilities to enlight dirt and the last ones for the urging adrenalin discharges.But it is certainly not that. It is hardcore as it is supposed to be played. Period. With passion, deprived of any splendor and made so they can go stuff some asphalt half of the year.And yet, according to the 3000 miles they're dealing with in a twelve months time, if you haven't seen them less than 20 miles from your home, it can only mean two things : you have no friends, or no taste at all. And if there's not much we can do about the first reason, we can sure work on the other one.

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