Thursday, February 24, 2011

Album: Grails - Deep Politics

Band: Grails
Album: Deep Politics
Label: Temporary Residence Limited
Year: 2011

01. Future Primitive
02. All The Colors Of The Dark
03. Corridors Of Power
04. Deep Politics
05. Daughters Of Bilitis
06. Almost Grew My Hair
07. I Led Three Lives
08. Deep Snow

Deep Politics was conceived during the lengthiest gestation period between Grails albums, and reflects a deeper, more educated level of concentration. In their ongoing exploration of occult/fringe culture and the rich history of film music, they have cultivated a unique environment that inspires both an eternal sense of longing and an indelible sense of dread. Produced by the band, as always, the most immediately noticeable advances are the lush string arrangements (courtesy of acclaimed composer Timba Harris) and increasing use of the same kind of fetishistic cut-and-paste production techniques that made producers like RZA and MF Doom hip-hop legends. It's a seemingly unlikely twist to the Grails aesthetic, but not unusual given the size of the pot in which they've stirred just about every genre imaginable. Through tireless exploration and awe-inspiring execution, Grails have found their true calling as purveyors of a new kind of library music, to be discovered by future generations of crate diggers and curious forward-thinkers.

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