Monday, December 12, 2011

Album: ENO - -t

Band: ENO
Album: -t
Label: Ikarus Records / Synalgie Records
Year: 2011

01. 55:30
02. Eero
03. Lento
04. Georgson
05. Malin
06. BoOow
07. Str.y.c

ENO is a Swiss two-piece that creates an elegant mix between post-rock and ambient music. Ivo Münger and Christian Mikolasek manage to carefully craft instrumental structures and tunes into dense but light songs and soudscapes. In an incomparable effort of multitasking, these two guys are able to sound like a four-piece.

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progsociety said...

and their mix is very, very good... noir, emotive, structured... in Switzerland there are few bands playing like this... strong and beautiful

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