Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Album: YOUAREHERE - As When The Fall Leaves Trees

Album: As When The Fall Leaves Trees
Label: 51beats
Year: 2011

01. You Are Here
02. Montevideo
03. May The Wind Always Be At Your Back And The Sun Upon Your Face
04. As When The Fall Leaves Trees (part 1)
05. Tape
06. Asyndeton
07. As When The Fall Leaves Trees (part 2)
08. A Dull City
09. Relative Sweetness

YOUAREHERE are an electronic/post-rock group based in Rome, Italy, formed by edPorth, French Teen Idol and micro (µ) in 2011.

On December 15, 2011, As When The Fall Leaves Trees, the band’s debut album, has been released by 51beats label.

Inspired by the likes of Apparat, M83 and Sigur Rós, this 9-track album offers a fusion of styles reflecting the previous musical releases of its three members: the glitchy and powerful beats of micro, the wrapping, rhythmic patterns of edPorth, and the melancholy crescendos of French Teen Idol, resulting in extremely addictive, soothing melodies.

A limited CD edition, featuring the 9 original tracks as well as 2 remixes, will be released in 2012 by 51beats.

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