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Album: EndName - Anthropomachy

Band: EndName
Album: Anthropomachy
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Black Light
02. Neuros[e]
03. Under Asphalt
04. Old Star
05. Clouds Fly To The East
06. Not Dead
07. Horizon
08. Anthropomachy

The Moscow, Russian Federation instrumental art metal outfit EndName was formed in 2007 by guitarists Sergo Meskhidze and Sergei Kaplin, with drummer Dmitry Musatov (former members of local band Soular).

After making their debut with a four-song EP entitled Dissociation in 2008, the three were joined by Sergei Podgornyi on bass and keyboards (formerly Sur and Barabanda). In April 2009, the quartet took a much-deserved break with their participation in the Moscow Doom Festival where they shared stage with Mourning Beloveth, Mournful Congregation, The Prophecy and Longing for Dawn. In point of fact, their music is more rooted in works by forefathers of post-metal genre Neurosis and Isis than in old school doom metal, and often compared to Chicago's instrumentalists Pelican. EndName is currently experimenting with noise and ambient textures : the bands drummer is also involved with his solo project somny rooted in experimental ambient and techno.

In 2010 guitarist Dmitriy Churilov (also with Cosmonauts Day) replaced Sergo Meskhidze.

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