Friday, February 10, 2012

Album: Kasan - Drown

Band: Kasan
Album: Drown
Label: dunk!records
Year: 2012

01. Drown
02. The Battling Eels Of Antibes
03. An Emerald Dream
04. Mindshelter
05. Hydroman vs That Sea
06. Float

Kasan are unique. Easily they play with different styles of rock-music. Instrumental Rock, breathing the spirit of famous bands such as Led Zeppelin or Kyuss. Living the excessiveness of early Motorpsycho as well as the fragility of Mogwai. Despite all these references and influences the band has developed it’s very own sound, rooted somewhere between 70s garage, metal and stoner. The song is the center, arranged structurally rational, still this rationality is facing passionate meaning. Excessively filled with rhythms and melodies, constant forward movement. The band tirelessly seeks emotions. Mostly pessimistic, but always hiding some strange ambivalence, it’s this glimmer of hope that unfolds true beauty. Kasan demands an open mind, the will to set your heart free- music is a drug. Playing live, Kasan have the courage to break their mostly overlong songs with psychedelic jam-sessions. These are the moments where their love for krautrock-music becomes obvious, complexity meets repetition. To embellish this special experience, Kasan use live-visuals on stage.

Kasan has been founded in January 2007 by the three friends,first songs got wrote and the first live show took place in August 07. Since then Kasan self-released a self-titled demo at the end of 2007 and an EP called Soma in march 2009.  Also this year the band developed a live visual concept with two Leipzig artists of Hasirehei. The past 3 years Kasan conquered the stages of Leipzig and Germany by starting in small venues. Until now the band had the honor to support bands like: Rotor, Hypnos69, Gorilla Monsoon, Khuda, An Emerald City, God Is An Anstronaut, Jesu, Wolfes In The Throne Room,Time To Burn, Black Shape Of Nexus,Three Steps To The Ocean, A Storm Of Light. 

2010 was the year of Kasan. The band released two split vinyls with German band Kokomo and New Zealand group An Emerald City, they played at the famous Asymmetry Festival, they supported Mouth Of The Architect, Heirs, The Night Terrors, Shrinebuilder and did a small tour in the Netherlands and Belgium. In 2011 they released a 7” split album with Galvano(Sweden). These things had been realized with some help from modern obsession booking & amp Maniyax Records(split with Kokomo release) . The band maintains its artistic responsibility and freedom by creating the artwork and layout of their CDs and merchandise using own pictures and paintings, taking part in the creation of their live visuals as well as organizing music-events in Leipzig. The band is strongly involved in the local music scene, setting up shows for local bands as well as international acts like Minsk, Storm Of Light, Rosetta, Blindead or Tides from Nebula.


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