Friday, February 03, 2012

Album: Calf - A Constant Loss Departs From The Sentiment of the Abandoned

Band: Calf
Album: A Constant Loss Departs From The Sentiment Of The Abandoned
Year: 2011
Label: Noteale Records

01. Dorian Grey Killed The Last Vestiges Of His consciousness
02. Ich Bebe
03. My Untouched Heart Is Less Despair Than You Are And Your Fucking New Living Room
04. A Contant Loss Departs From The Sentiment Of The Abandoned
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Calf is a post-rock/noise band formed in Athens in 2009. Calf presents a complicated mixture of music that can sometimes reach the edge, as you can notice in any single track of their debut album.
Their music combines peaceful melodies that are suddenly transformed in energetic and even violent sounds.
Their first album “A Constant Loss Departs from the Sentiment of the Abandoned”  saw the light of day on 2011, produced by Aris Christou, who has formelly worked with many significant alternative greek rock bands (Closer, Bocomolech etc.).

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