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EP: Symmetry - This Is Not The End, It Is The Beginning, You Cannot Falter Now

Band: Symmetry
Album: This Is Not The End, It Is The Beginning, You Cannot Falter Now EP
Label: Iapetus Recordings
Year: 2006

01. I'm Your Hero, Not Your Friend
02. (You Are Now Witness To Parentheses In Action)
03. Everything You Did Was For A Reason
04. End Of

Symmetry were a 4-piece progressive metal band, based in Bristol & Reading, UK.
Clevery arranged vocal melodies have drawn comparisons to such contemporary acts as Tool and Earthtone9, whilst the underlying music is reminiscent of the epic riffs laid down by Pelican and Cult of Luna.

Signing to UK Label, Iapetus Recordings (The Ocean, Paul Marshall, Montana) in early 2006, their debut MCD ‘This is not the end. It is the beginning. You cannot falter now.’ was released to an excellent response from the press.

“Impressive, epic clout… an ambitious debut EP.” KKK - Kerrang
“A new breed of UK talent on show here.” 7 / 10 - Rock Sound
“A sterling debut effort.” 4 / 5 - Big Cheese
“This is special. Let Symmetry apprehend your ears for 20 minutes. You wont need persuading again.” 9 / 10 - Sound Devastation

Having gained a notorious respect for their energetic and crushing live performances, Symmetry embarked on their debut UK tour in July 2005 alongside fellow UK stunners, Bossk. The tour was sponsored by Rock Sound magazine.

The band recorded an exclusive track for Rock Sound magazine, titled ‘Let’s Just Wait And See What Happens, It May Not Be As Bad As You Think’. Showing an obvious progression from the MCD, the band have developed a darker sound and use of a mixture of aggressive and clean vocals to widen their musical spectrum.

Unfortunately the band split up in 2006.


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