Tuesday, May 01, 2012

EP: Co-Pilot & Alaskan - 12'' Split

Band: Co-Pilot & Alaskan
Album: 12'' Split
Label: The Treaty Oak Collective
Year: 2012

01. Co-Pilot - The Bering Sea
02. Alaskan - Euthanize

Co-Pilot hammers out turbulent, furious noise and layered, instrumental epics that unfold in movements instead of a traditional song structure. Over a mountain of thundering bass and drums, the guitars alternately contrast gentle, delay-drenched melodies with tidal waves of distortion and feedback as if they were trying to be the quietest and loudest band in the world simultaneously.

Alaskan is an Atmospheric Post-Metal band from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. Featuring members of The Vanishing Act, Malvo, Whale Cry, Elephantoms, Motivator & The Wishlist.

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