Friday, May 11, 2012

Album: X Suns - X Suns

Band: X Suns
Album: X Suns
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. In Irons
02. Pillars For Palaces
03. To The Bottom Of The Sea
04. North Of July
05. Lion Cave

Keith, Adam, and Trent have played music together off and on for awhile in various bands and side projects. They wrote some songs around the start of 2009, and started playing them live at the start of 2010 under the name Ten Suns. After doing a handful of home recordings, they recorded a self-titled 5 song E.P. with Justin Armstrong at Electrokitty Studios, early in Oct. 2011. Rick Fisher at RFI mastered it. After changing their name to X Suns (X as the roman numeral for ten), they continued to play lots of local shows.

More recently, Skippy Tim King of the now deceased Seattle band Patrol has joined as their second guitar player. They are currently working on new music, have plans to do a small west coast tour before the summer of 2012 is over, and hopefully enter the studio to record a debut full-length record soon after.

"X Suns (pronounced Ten Suns) is instrumental heavy rock and roll at it’s finest. Prepare yourself for a nonstop epic ride through dense guitar layers and head-rattling drums. Also their lights are probably some of the best I’ve seen from a local band, so grab some psychedelics before you show up. At the Josephine you can catch the epic lights and sounds of X Suns, easily one of the most badass bands coming out of Seattle right now."

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