Wednesday, May 30, 2012

EP: Caves Of Steel - Troposphere/Magnetosphere

Band: Caves Of Steel
Album: Troposphere/Magnetosphere
Label: Tinnitus Vertigo Records
Year: 2012

01. Last Citizen Of The USSR
02. Lisa Nowak Love Story
03. Venera
04. Gemini XII
05. Honey Trap

Caves Of Steel is an instrumental post-rock quartet that reside in a musical landscape shared and inspired by bands such as Mogwai, Red Sparowes, Explosions In The Sky, Caspian and God Is An Astronaut.

The band is based in Oslo, but its members originate from all corners of Norway. Former bands that members have played in have spanned across a variety of genres, ranging from hardcore and indie rock to electronica.

The latest EP entitled ‘Troposphere / Magnetosphere’ was released digitally 16.01.2012 on Tinnitus Vertigo Records.

"Operating with lush textures colored with shades of melancholy as their main framework, Caves Of Steel nonetheless make their music varied, drawing on elements from different indie and underground genres. Thus, 'Last Citizen of the USSR' features the heavy edge of post-metal, while 'Lisa Nowak Love Story' has a slight touch of electronica. 'Venera' and 'Gemini XII', which are probably my favorites on this EP, are quite different from each other, capturing the diversity of the album quite well. 'Venera' is a quite melodic affair, which is also characterized by almost the same sort of psychedelia associated with 70s rock (except, thankfully, Caves Of Steel's version of rock psychedelia is less dense), while 'Gemini XII' is uptempo and has a drive not unlike that of very early U2. 'Honey Trap' take us back to 70s rock territory, combining this with a hard rock sensibility, and adding a denser psychedelic feel.

Expressive and progressive, Troposphere/Magnetosphere belongs to the category of post-rock that I tend to enjoy the most, because Caves Of Steel not only focus on atmosphere, but also aim at having some substance in their music. And, most important of all, Caves Of Steel retain the spirit of rock throughout the album.

Fans of modern progressive rock and experimental instrumental music should definitely check out this EP, which is also likely to appeal to fans of indie rock, alternative rock and post-rock. " -

*Thanx to Peter from Caves Of Steel for contacting me.

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