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Album: Petrels - Haeligewielle

Band: Petrels
Album: Haeligwielle
Label: Denovali Records
Year: 2011

01. After Francis Danby
02. Silt
03. Canute
04. The Statue Is Unveiled With The Face Of Another
05. Concrete
06. Winchester Croydon Winchester
07. William Walker Strengthens The Foundations
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Haeligewielle is the debut solo record of Oliver Barrett of Bleeding Heart Narrative. It is a swirling cataract of a record, a deluge of beautiful noise and crushing melody, which ebbs and flows beneath the surface. Utilizing bowed strings, bent electronics, found percussion and occasional vocals, the record unfolds over seven tracks and fifty minutes, from the portentous drone of the opening ‘After Francis Danby’ and shimmering ‘Silt’ through the work-song-like ‘Concrete’ and cascading rhythm of ‘Winchester Croydon Winchester’. Haeligewielle tells a forgotten story, buried underneath the stones and water.

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