Thursday, March 13, 2014

The Inquisition: 002.Képzelt Város

01. How did you came up with the name of the band?

The name Képzelt Város (‘Imagined City’) was inspired by the same titled novel of Sándor Weöres, one of the best known contemporary Hungarian poets. The idea came from the fact that the band was formed by four architects. This particular name seemed to be some sort of an almost perfect solution to try to describe what architects can create throughout music.

02. Do you have a standard procedure of creating a song? Do you just jam around or is there a main riff and the track is build up on it?

No particular process or method. Sometimes one of us comes up with an idea, a riff or an almost complete song, sometimes we just jam around until we manage to get something done. 

03. What are your influences and what kind of music do you hear when you are at home?

That would be a pretty long list of great bands and musicians… A Perfect Circle, 16 Horsepower, Logh, Cult of Luna, Engine Down, Red Sparrowes, Mono would certainly be part of the list… with many others, of course.

04. What’s the first record you've ever bought?

I can’t remember exactly. It was probably an Alice in Chains tape or something similar. It sure was a grunge record, though.

05. Name a band that you would like to share the stage or tour with?

We enjoy playing live a lot, no matter who else we have to share the stage with.

06(a). Did the internet and especially the blogs helped to spread your music around the world?

They absolutely did. We are always amazed to see dedicated people all around the globe. The fact that we managed to reach potential listeners overseas shows that blogs have a major role in spreading alternative music around the world. We are really grateful for that job.

06(b). Name a place (country) that you were surprised to know your music has reached to?

Well, at the beginning everything seemed to be a surprise. Recently, we have been lucky enough to hear about fans from plenty of countries here and there. For instance, Mexico or Indonesia was a big and very nice surprise in this regard. In general, we are glad to hear about people who love what we do one way or another, no matter where they are from.

07. Do you support the idea of bandcamp where fans can decide the price or services like spotify?

We have some nice experiences concerning the ‘Pay what you want’ option, therefore we totally support the idea.

08. Where do you see yourselves in 5 years?

It is really hard to tell... We just want to keep up playing music as long as we enjoy doing so. Besides, a band always needs an audience, which means that we will keep on until people are interested in listening to what we do.

09. Is the artwork of an album important nowadays in the digital era?

Despite the fact that nowadays only a few fans get hold of a copy of the CD, we do think that artwork remained an essential part of creating a full-length album. A proper graphic design always adds some values to the record, it helps you understand the concept of the songs, and in certain cases it shows you in advance what the music will probably sound like. Even though some say that it is only the music that matters, great artworks still function as pure pieces of art too. Not to mention that artworks might be important when it comes to discover new bands. It has probably happened to you as well that you bumped into something amazing just because you loved the cover at first sight…

10. It seems that a lot of people are turning on vinyl again. Why do you think that is and which is your preferable media format?

It is part of the trend of getting back to old-school, exciting technologies. Besides, vinyl is kind of a sacred object as well, it makes music even more ‘tangible’, not to mention that artworks often look better in bigger size. Vinyl represents a higher quality and a longer life expectancy, no wonder that most people are totally into it (including us).

11. What's the funniest story or moment as a band?

It would be kind of hard to highlight one single story. Let’s say we really enjoy each other’s company and every moment we spent together on stage is a funny one.

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