Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Album: Sky Architects - The Hollows

Band: Sky Architects
Album: The Hollows
Label: Self Released
Year: 2015

01. Alleviate
02. Birth Into Being
03. Compass
04. Flashback
05. Remembrance
06. Spiralling (ft. "Odd Shapes")
07. Into The Fray
08. The Hollows
09. Alleviate (ft. Stine Dreier on vocals) (Bonus Track)

The good news are that Sky Architects are back after 4 years. The sad news are that after many good years, and a total of 5 releases, Sky Architects is no more. The new album, marked the end of the band. 

"Its been wonderful years with unforgettable experiences, from both big and small stages. Unfortunately we will not be able to play any last shows We can´t thank you enough for all your support throughout the years - It´s meant so much to us, we can´t even express it. What happens from here, we have no idea, but we will definitely let you know, once we know it. For now, we would LOVE for you to hear the new album and leave your thoughts. From all of us, a massive THANK YOU for you support!" - Sky Architects

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