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Album: The Beauty Of Drowning - The Beauty Of Drowning

Band: The Beauty Of Drowning
Album: The Beauty Of Drowning
Label: Dedicated Records
Year: 2010

01. The Lie
02. Time
03. Particles Divide
04. Android
05. Even Walls
06. The Moving Mirror
07. Frame
08. Lullaby
09. Clean
10. Un Altra Mondo

The Beauty Of Drowning was founded in october 2009 by Daniel La China (vocals, guitars) and Jan Liesefeld (vocals, guitars & keys). After the first songs had originated in home recording-sessions, they decided to recruit Thomas Woite (bass) and Timitheus Schlösser (drums) as permanent band members to vivify the electronic sound of the recordings with the esprit of a rockband.

The stylistic range of The Beauty Of Drowning is set somewhere between electronic post-rock and psychedelic doom metal. A variation that manifests itself in melancholic, dream-like ballads, as well as in brute progressive metal songs.

Vocals and songwriting are partitioned between Liesefeld and La China. While La Chinas intones the warm character of the music, Liesefeld, mostly tends the brute side of The Beauty Of Drowning.

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