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Album: Nahrayan - The Beginning Of The End · The End Of The Beginning

Band: Nahrayan
Album: The Beginning Of The End · The End Of The Beginning
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. Demons Without Face
02. Barathrum Fields
03. When Sun Sets Down
04. Red Moon Last Sunrise
05. A Dying Sun
06. Hollow Grief
07. The End
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"After seven years of existence (2000 · 2007) and being dead for four years more, Julian and Miguel have decided to rescue Nahrayan from the world of the dead, and re-record some songs of the band, adding two unreleased tracks. The main reason to do that is that now, they can offer a better sound quality, better arrangements and at the end, do the songs as they had in their mind, more powerful, dark, melancholic and heavy than the old recordings. This is the way to express the things that they tried to express in the past, but they couldn´t do for various reasons.

Let´s begin the end, let´s end the beginning."

Nahrayan have been Miguel (drums), Julian (guitar), Juanjo (bass), Antonio (vocals), Pablo (guitar and keyboards), Miguel Palazón (guitars), Antonio Ramón (keyboards), Victor (vocals), José Alberto (guitars), and all the people around the world who always supported us, in the past and in the times to come.

Thank you very much.

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