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Album: Illuminatus - Glasnost

Band: Illuminatus
Album: Glasnost
Label: Headroom Records
Year: 2011

01. Glasnost
02. Murdocracy
03. Division
04. Reconnect
05. Cave In
06. Keep Calm And Carry On
07. You'll Never Know What This Means
08. Red
09. Gosling
10. Clarity
11. Wolves!

With the release of ‘Glasnost’, their second full length studio album, Illuminatus have established themselves as the up-and-coming band of 2011. Recorded in Hannover, Germany, in June 2010 by producer Willi Dammeier (Apoptygma Berzerk, Fony, Symphony Cult) and released via Headroom Records in February 2011, the press reactions for the album were again extremely positive – “A fusion of explosive but controlled heaviness, melody and nerve-jangling emotion” (Metalteam UK), “Such an organic, rounded and great album is rarely heard” (Legacy Magazine, Germany), “An absolute highlight, and not just for this year” (Big Five Magazine, Germany).

The band’s unique brand of melodic and powerful music continues to find them airplay on many of the UK’s and European rock radio shows – Bruce Dickinson's Rock Show (BBC6, UK), A-listed on Total Rock Radio (UK), Aardschok Radio (Kink FM, Netherlands), Metal Zone Radio (Belgium), Symphonium Radio (Radio 5, Norway). And a club promo campaign run in March and April 2011 consistently returned a 90% approval rate from both DJ’s and clubbers.

Building on the success of their touring experiences with Ministry (C-U-LaTour 2008), My Ruin (Religiosi Tour 2008), Breed77 & Susperia (Insects & Attitude Tour 2009) and Rise To Addiction (Co-Headline Tour 2009), and previous festival appearances at the Bloodstock Festival, the Fordham Music Fest, the Bulldog Bash and Denmark’s Midwinter Meltdown Festival, Illuminatus have just completed a further successful headline tour promoting Glasnost in the UK and Europe and are now preparing for their first time appearance at the Download Festival on Sunday, 12 June 2011, and a return to the European continent for later in the year.

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