Sunday, January 08, 2012

EP: The Mire & Chronos - 10'' Split

Band: The Mire & Cronos
Album: 10" Split
Label: Dog Knights Production
Year: 2011

01. The Mire - Dreamwrecker
02. The Mire -  Palmreader
03. Chronos - Old Toby

The Mire
The Mire is a progressive post-metal band from Brighton, UK originally featuring members of celebrated UK underground acts Centurion and Bossk.
The Mire’s most recent CD/EP, ‘Volume II’ was released by Eyesofsound on December 13th. This was their debut album. One year later they released a 10'' split with the band Chronos.
The band’s current line up consists of guitarist/vocalist Robin Urbino, guitarist Stan Critchley, drummer Blake Mostyn and bassist Jack Loudoun.

A post-metal band from Kent in the UK. Formed in 2010, Chronos have self released a 4-track demo digitally and released debut EP "The Grips Of Winter" via Dog Knights Productions.

Buy the 10" split.

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