Friday, April 19, 2013

Album: ZENИTH - Ritual

Album: Ritual
Year: 2013

01. Fog
02. Moon
03. Glass
04. B&W Road
05. Deepest Sea
06. Holy Ghost
07. Wind

ZENИTH is a Toulouse-based duo composed of Tony Llados (remember Delayed Summer line-up) & Guillaume Sauvage formed at the end of 2012. Characterized by slow tempos and minimalist arrangements, ‘Ritual’ is a sonic refuge far way from modern distractions, a place of introspection with no wall, with nothing to do than stare at the slow-rising sun. Following the Nature’s rhythms, the seven tracks oscillate between an apparent serenity and pure nostalgia, led by drifting guitars and warm tones, but filled with raw sounds & field recordings experiments. A captivating debut forged in reverb, solemn and fragile.

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