Monday, April 22, 2013

EP: - The Glass​/​Nails

Album: The Glass​/​Nails EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2013

01. Raindrops And Oceans
02. Alterecho
03. Blue 88
04. A Stain Of Ink - Part I
05. A Stain Of Ink - Part II
06. A Stain Of Ink - Part III
Download is a five-piece hailing from Athens, Greece. Coming together in the spring of 2010 and taking its final form in March of 2012, the band has been working solely on original material, in the area of the post rock/metal/ambient/you-name-it genre. try to create musical landscapes with multilayered guitar parts, maintaining a balance between soulful melodies and crushing walls of distortion, while trying to blend various influences from many fields of experimental music in general.

Their first 2-track demo gained them substantial attention and helped them support bands from the European post-rock elite, such as Tides From Nebula, Midas Fall, Long Distance Calling and Her Name is Calla. In May 2012, entered Unreal Studios in Athens, Greece where they recorded their debut EP. Containing 6 tracks, "The Glass/Nails EP" is as of 31/3/13 available on the band's bandcamp page, both in digital and physical form.

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