Friday, January 24, 2014

Album: MinionTV - Demons And Rarities

Band: MinionTV
Album: Demons And Rarities
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Battleships (Legacy Version)
02. Dial
03. IR Monster (Legacy Version)
04. When Skyways Are Highways (Live July 2011)
05. Little Blue Flowers
06. Take Away My Gold Star
07. All My Friends Are Offline
08. Yardsticks
09. Daggers At Lily (Pop Song Demo)
10. You Slipped Under My Radar
11. Donnie Theremin
12. Hidden Track
13. When Skyways Are Highways (Legacy Version)
14. The Sun is a Shield (Live Demo)
15. Robot Meets Girl (Live Demo)
16. Don't Burn The House Down (Legacy Version)
17. Kindred (Demo)
18. I Hit, I Miss, I Fall (Volcanoes Demo)
19. Hospital Radio Song (Demo)
20. Battleships (Live Demo)
21. IR Monster (Demo)
22. Kindred (Live)
23. Keep The Negatives (Capac Remix)

MinionTV are a 5-piece atmospheric instrumental rock band from Liverpool. Demons And Rarities is a collection of demos, live and rare tracks.



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