Thursday, March 26, 2015

Streaming: Maïak - A Very Pleasant Way To Die

Band: Maïak
Album: A Very Pleasant Way To Die
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2015

01. Nutributter Green Is People
02. I Am Not a Man, I Am a Free Number
03. A Fond Poster Girl For Tatmadaw
04. Sometimes You've Got To Take the Hardest Line
05. We All Live In a Yellow Kursk

Created in 2010 in Lausanne, Switzerland, Maïak is composed of four musicians influenced by wide dynamics of post-rock soundscapes and fearless to experiment sudden shifts of atmospheres. 

The group was named after Maïak, a nuclear plant in the Soviet Union, where one of the worst nuclear disasters of all times took place and despite its dramatic consequences, stayed hidden for decades. 

Filled with the symbolic weight of a catastrophe that arose as the punishment of man’s guilty arrogance in an outburst remained silent, Maïak delivers a dark and powerful instrumental rock that evolves between tenuous melancholy and chaotic blast. 

"A Very Pleasant Way to Die" is the pure post-rock at its best.” says Taner Torun, Fluttery Recods label founder.

Recorded with a certain sense of urgency (three days session for forty two minutes of pure post-rock music), "A Very Pleasant Way to Die" wanders through the different colours of the band's aural palette. The album seethes with raw energy. 

The five tracks share complex constructions, blending murky soothing melodies with outbursts of powerful clamour and noiseful explorations. You would at times crave to lie down and gaze at the stars, but you would soon feel the urge to bounce back on your feet and bang your head until you break your neck.


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