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Album: Cannon - The Beginning Of Our History

Band: Cannon
Album: The Beginning Of Our History
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. The Rise Of The Unseen Kingdom
02. The Light Comes At Midnight
03. Tears For The Expired
04. Rafmagns Karnival
05. She Dances Alone, But Then...
06. Winter Solstice
07. Illuminate The Dark
08. Peaceful Wartimes
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"Cannons is composed of two gentlemen. One living in Toronto, Canada. The other in Seattle, WA. We collaborate digitally via the depths of the internet including email, dropbox, text, etc.... 

Our days will always look different. Some days, we are focusing on writing a soundtrack for a movie score. Some days, we are working on adding music to videos sent to us by fans. Even other days, we are simply out enjoying a nice glass of Scotch while we enjoy the few nights we have on this beautiful planet. 

We have chosen to keep our identities anonymous so that it always stays about the music. Never about us. 

Cannons is about something much larger than two high-class gentlemen creating music. it's about a community of people stumbling through life, finding beauty where it has been provided to us by the kindhearted god(s). We don't create beauty. We hunt for it. Then we capture it and exploit it. 

We want you to be involved in this. You make us better. We are stronger when you contribute (more of that on the "sights" page of this site.) 

We love music. Always have. We need you. Without you, we shrivel and perish. 

We are Cannons. Let's walk together."

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