Thursday, December 03, 2015

News: The sound of H.P. Lovecraft's "The Colour Out Of Space" by The Dunwich Orchestra

Dark drone meets horror classic: “The Dunwich Orchestra” accompanies the horror comic picture show “The Colour Out Of Space” with musical gloominess. Slow-paced, gloomy and grave: This best describes “The Colour Out Of Space”, H.P. Lovecraft's short, cruel horror story which comics artist Andreas Hartung restages as a dark episodic picture show. “The Dunwich Orchestra” creates the atmospheric instrumental music to accompany Hartung’s illustrations: Their mixture of experimental and grave drone, americana and post-rock sounds is the perfect backdrop for this beautifully gloomy world of images.

“The Colour out of Space” is a forceful horror comic experiment full of darkness and devoid of words and acceleration. 
The musicians crept through dark cellars, forests and across open fields to capture noises and sounds that embody the strange and menacing elements of nature. “The Dunwich Orchestra” uses modulated white noise to musically recreate humanity’s complete forsakenness in a merciless universe, a theme that is characteristic for Lovecraft’s stories. This noise incorporates every perceivable frequency from which the musicians carve ghostlike sounds as if they were creating wooden sculptures.

Hartung adapts the story in five parts which are between three and twelve minutes in length. Each chapter will be published online.

The first Chapter is online

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