Friday, January 16, 2009

Album: Vaka - Kappa Delta Phi

Band: Vaka
Album: Kappa Delta Phi
Label: Murkhouse Recordings
Year: 2009

01. The Ship
02. Born To Secrecy
03. I Of Everything
04. Sigma Omega
05. At The Hands Of Loss
06. Glacialis
07. Like An Astronomer
08. Somersaults
09. Stalemates
10. For Redemption
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Epic and heavy doom rock with a slightly progressive twist from Sweden. With inventive drumming and heavy use of piano, this is a fresh take on thepost-metal style that has quickly become overrun by Isis and Pelican clones. On this album, mainman Karl Daniel Liden is joined by an array of guest musicians from around the world to make this a highly collaborative venture. Mastered by John Golden, who has done mastering for such bands as the Melvins, Neurosis, Weedeater, and Primus. This should appeal to fans of bands like Isis, Mare, Opeth, and even Nine Inch Nails.

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de-loused said...

I've checked the file and the password works fine. Probably you haven't typed it correctly. Try retyping it manually. If you still have problems send us to give you another link:)

eM!eL said...

Bizarre drum sound, more piano than guitars - but then the vocals kick in and it all falls into place... Amazing, thank you so much for this.

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