Friday, December 18, 2009

Album: Loss Of A Child - Carry Me Home

Band: Loss Of A Child
Album: Carry Me Home
Year: 2009

01. Dream
02. Black Snow
03. Saturday Night Star
04. Float Down Amongst Us
05. Trains
06. Beauty Is Truth, Youth Beauty
07. Destiny
08. Are You Watching Closely?
09. All The While
10. Mike Waters
11. Death
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"Carry Me Home" is the 5th Loss of a Child release and is their most expansive yet, a deeply layered album with flowing and interwoven melodies; contrasting instruments supporting, offsetting, and harmonizing with each other and mixed for each to be heard though not necessarily under every listening environment, and certainly not on first listen; experimental through its strict structure and detailed song writing as opposed to the freedom and improvisation of many instrumental acts.

Complex instrumentation hidden beneath simple ideas, dynamism created within the melodies in addition to volume, and the standard multi-instrumental Loss of a Child approach providing many hidden melodic passages requiring repeat listening to find and understand, but each proving that the obvious is not necessarily the best when it comes to musical depth.

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