Sunday, November 11, 2012

EP: The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope For - A

Band: The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope For
Album: A EP
Label: Self Released
Year: 2012

01. With These Foreign Feet Which Surprise Us, Let's Leap Into The Sea
02. From These Pains Wings Are Spurting And Then Vanishing In The Midst Of A Dance
03. Matter Piles Up, Knowledge Is Passed On, Curiosity Leads To Many Feats

The Beauty The World Makes Us Hope For (TBTWMUHF) consists by four musicians who are willing to share the composition of music expressing emotions, instinct and sincerity.

Originally from Annecy, the group formed in 2009 and consists of two guitarists, Peter V. and Anthony H., tempting an invitation to travel and personal interpretation - and a drummer, Lauriane S., whose intention is to advance the time . In 2011 the change in the back of the drum kit with Cedric and the arrival of bassist Quentin reinforces the spirit of the group.

TBTWMUHF is also the desire to remember all the simple things we forget on the edge of our lives and touched by the beauty of a moment and carried away by the sweetness of melody.

The first EP "A", released in 2012, is inspired by real events and escapes by your imagination. It tells stories whose meaning are not told but the direction is given.

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