Monday, November 12, 2012

News: So Hideous, My Love Kickstarter Campaign

The dream of every artist is to realize his or her loftiest ambition free from any hindrance that might disrupt the creative process. On our first 2 EPs, So Hideous has attempted to push our individual and collective musical boundaries by broadening the scope of instrumentation and raising the bar on the quality of production. While these EPs dabbled in violent chamber music, the ultimate goal has always been to compose the loudest and most emotionally draining symphony ever recorded. On our upcoming release, we are excited to build on our existing sound with the addition of lavish string arrangements, a small choir and a brass section. We truly feel as if we have only scratched the surface of our full potential as a collective. With this record we are striving to expand our musical palette to incorporate more dissonant and consonant melodies whilst having each piece tie the album together as a cohesive unit. This has always been an ambitious project, but its members are humble enough to know when to ask for help with its completion. With this Kickstarter campaign, we are trying to generate enough funding to bring the best possible experience we are capable of to our listeners...and to make our passion a reality.
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