Saturday, May 10, 2014

Album: Postvorta - Beckoning Light We Will Set Ourselves On Fire

Band: Postvorta
Album: Beckoning Light We Will Set Ourselves On Fire
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. We're Nothing
02. We Are The Righteous Hell
03. Set Them On Fire
04. Like Promises
05. You Never Did
06. Like Promises You Never Did
07. Angel
08. These Nights
09. Are Going To End
10. And We're Writing About
11. Abandonment And Letters Flowing
12. On That September

Postvorta is a brand new 6 member post-metal band from Ravenna, Italy. Their debut album was produce by the world famous producer Andrew Schneider, best know for working with bands like Cave In, Unsane, Pelican, Converge, Zozobra, Rosetta, just to name a few and by the Candiria guitarist, John Lamacchia at the Translator Audio studio in Brooklyn USA.

For fans of Sunpocrisy.


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drds89 said...

Vocalist sounds exactly like Armine with Rosetta - I would have bet my collection that it was him. Decent album, too!

Also check