Friday, May 02, 2014

Album: Ana Never - Live For The Very First Time (Live In Mini Club, Subotica, 2​-​26​-​2004)

Band: Sleeping Bear
Album: Sleeping Bear
Label: Fluttery Records
Year: 2014

01. No Words Left
02. 30 Seconds Of My Past Life
03. Fucking' Big Picture
04. Future Wife
05. 27
06. Gorgeous One
07. To Die For

Ana Never from Serbia celebrates their 10th anniversary this year and they have a gift for their friends and fans who love them and listen to their gorgeous instrumentals.   

They will be releasing a new studio album this year. This live recording comes before the upcoming storm.   

Ten years after their first concert, they decided to reward their listeners. The recording took place in Mini Club in their hometown Subotica. It comes today as it is; a very raw recording, without mixing and mastering. Nevertheless, it will be hugely appreciated by both band's and label's fans.

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