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Albums: Lions & Creators - B​-​Sides & Demos

Band: Lions & Creators
Album: B-Sides & Demos
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Come What May Come (Live Demo)
02. Ghosts (Demo)
03. Hunger Blood (Live Demo)
04. Black Hole Hometowns (Demo)
05. Growing (Demo)
06. Debt (Demo)
07. Spaces (Demo)
08. The Author And The Illustrator - Black Hole Hometowns (Author And The Illustrator Demo)

Compiled from four years worth of demos and b-sides. Some of these songs were demos for "Growing" others were songs they never got the chance to finish before they disbanded. 

Some of early demos of songs that ended up on "Growing" have additional lyrics that were cut from the final recorded versions as they refined them as a band for the EP. 

Track 1 - Recorded during a live practice in the back room of Tanner's house in July of 2012 

Track 2 - Recorded in August of 2010 in the back room of Tanner's house. All instrumentation done by Tanner. 

Track 3 - Recorded in June of 2011 in the back room of Tanner's house during rehearsal for the recording of "Growing" 

Track 4 - Recorded in January of 2012 in the dorms at MCAD 

Track 5 - Recorded in February of 2011 in Tanner's bedroom 

Track 6 - Recorded Winter of 2012 at in the dorms at MCAD 

Track 7 - Recorded in April of 2011 in Tanner's bedroom, as a demo for "Growing" 

Track 8 - "Black Hole Hometowns (Author and The Illustrator demo) was performed over a demo of the song by their good friends in The Author and The Illustrator in the spring of 2012. Guitar by Zack Hames Drums by Ian Dobyns Bass by Cliff Mills Recorded by Ian and Zack at in Ian's basement in April 2012


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