Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Album: Exit Oz - Împământenit

Band: Exit Oz
Album: Împământenit
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Enter Oz
02. Colț De Rai
03. Limbile De Ceas: Între Ciocan Și Nicovală
04. Zurobara Spre Orient
05. Cornul Abundenței
06. Marele Magician
07. Colț De Rai (În Marasm)
08. Limbile De Ceas: La Porți

Exit Oz, the only darkjazz act in Eastern Europe, with influences varying from krautrock, Romanian folk, jazz and post-rock, have released a debut album this month.

Besides all three present members of Exit Oz being born and raised in Timișoara, Romania, they all also have the influence of having lived abroad for at least a few years - Alex in Lisbon, Ovidiu in London and Dorothea in Barcelona, thus summarizing a broad array of musical vibrations. 

The project first came out of the improvisation sessions made in 2011 by Alexandru Iovan (tenor saxophone and vocals) and Ovidiu Zimcea (samples). In 2013 other musicians joined the project as collaborators and they had their first live shows as a trio, together with Lucian Naste on guitar and drum machine. 

In 2014, after Lucian left the project, the trio reformed with Dorothea Iordănescu’s entry in Oz, playing synthesizer. Their proposed style is difficult to pin down in one genre, with influences ranging from soothing ambient to noisy electronics and anguished free jazz.


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