Tuesday, May 06, 2014

Album: Barrows - Red Giant

Band: Barrows
Album: Red Giant
Label: Self Released
Year: 2014

01. Nebula
02. Red Giant
03. Black Hole
04. Wormhole
05. Beyond
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Red Giant, the sophomore album by L.A. instrumental rock band Barrows is fittingly massive in thematic scope as it is in sonic heft. A concept album about the life of a star and what happens after it dies, the band depicts the stages of celestial death throughout the album’s five epic tracks. Barrows build upon entrancing, circling riffs and rhythms intercut with explosive peaks and brilliant subtlties.

To capture this sweeping endeavor, the band teamed up with revered engineer Toshi Kasai (Melvins, Tool), hunkering down for several months at Kasai's newly built North Hollywood studio. The resulting 5-track, 40-minute album was mastered by Chris Common (Palms, Pelican) .

3 Engineers:

HowLongs said...

I must say that, judging by the first listen, it's somewhat of a let down after Imprecari Island.

Nordsee said...

Maybe it's not like Imprecari Island, but still it's a great album in my personal opinion.

HowLongs said...

I wouldn't say it's bad, as it's clearly not, but perhaps I was kinda overhyped after Imprecari Island which seriously blew me away when it came out. It could be the fact that I was naturally expecting something similar in sound, which this album isn't, really. I should probably give it a few extra runs to form a more solid opinion.

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