Saturday, May 31, 2014

News: Omega Massif are history


Dear friends, what I have to write today, makes all Omega Massif members sad and sick at the same time, but sometimes things develop and sometimes good things end. Omega Massif is done.   

We want to thank everyone who supported us during the last nine years! All the fans, bookers and of course all our labels, who did a great job for us.  A special thanks goes out to DENOVALI, who did their best to help us with our stuff during the last years. Thank you TIMO and THOMAS.  

Stay tuned for our last song, a cover version of "Don't Bring Me Flowers" on the upcoming GODFLESH tribute sampler on FOBOBILE RECORDS "Fathers Of Our Flesh".  Look out for upcoming bands with Omega Massif members. Very soon. Via this FB-account.  

There also will be ONE LAST GOODBYE-SHOW. You will be informed about the "when and where" HERE. 
EDIT: the goodbye-show will be the only show we'll be playing. All other shows are cancelled. Sorry. This Sucks. We Know.  


Andreas/Omega Massif

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Anonymous said...

Bad news… :(

Anonymous said...

Damn this saddens me, they were so good. The song Steiner meer is their best piece and it will forever be one of my favourite songs.

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