Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Album: Japanese Sunday - Taps Taps Lights Out

Band: Japanese Sunday
Album: Taps Taps Lights Out
Year: 2006
Label: Grayscale Records

01. Cold Bright Blue Lights
02. Eight OClock Robot
03. Kagaku
04. The Genius of Anonymity
05. First Shots Fired on a Blue AM
06. Proxy
07. Tigers on Ships
08. Pinocchio, The Bleeder
09. Search + Rescue
10. Next Time Remember to Breathe

This indie rock powerhouse known as Japanese Sunday should be a welcome addition to the San Diego roster of quality bands. Having put together a ten song debut that floats from the eloquence similar to that of EXPLOSIONS IN THE SKY to the raucousness of acts like FUGAZI, Japanese Sunday have managed to develop a sound all their own. Songs like “First Shot Fired on a Blue A.M.” and “Tigers on Ships” are easily my favorites but the guitar work on the intro and then throughout “Pinocchio, The Bleeder” almost sounds like classical Latin guitar and is fantastic. The vocals are strong throughout, even though they could be perceived as whiny at times. However, Japanese Sunday’s strength lies in their ability to compose a collection of songs that use a diverse number of instruments and sounds to make catchy and interesting tunes. This is right up there with acts like BOILERMAKER, NO KNIFE, FIRST WAVE HELLO, LOWCLOUDCOVER and GOODBYE BLUE MONDAY. “Taps Taps Lights Out” is a great debut by the band and I look forward to future releases.

-Christopher, SanDiegoPunk.com

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