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Album: Don't Mess With Texas - Los Dias de Junio

Band: Don't Mess With Texas
Album: Los Dias de Junio
Label: Moonlee Records
Year: 2007

01. Los Dias De Junio
02. He Builds Houses Like Trees
03. Go Straight To Hell Boy
04. I Am Vengeance, I Am The Night
05. Kad Ja Podjoh
06. Sun Is Going Nova
07. Like When We Was Kids
08. 14:47
09. We Are All Astronauts

Don't Mess With Texas was formed in Zagreb, Croatia in January of 2004. After the break up of Radio Free Isaac (and prior to that the bands Nikad and Lunar), Neven, Ozren and Saša decided to form another band and soon invited Ivana to join the band on bass. After the recording of their first album, Slobich replaced Ivana and the line up had been solidified. During three years, band had frequently toured in support of their highly acclaimed self-titled album and played numerous shows in Croatia and across Europe (Slovenia, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark, Bosnia and Herzegovina) arousing the interest of many fans with genuine instrumental music that defies easy categorization.

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