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Album: Hellas Mounds & Empires - Split

Band: Hellas Mounds & Empires
Album: Split
Label: Saw her Ghost Records
Year: 2008


01. Unease From Up North (Empires)
02. Perpetual Downpour (Empires)
03. How Shall Thy Kingdom Stand (Hellas Mounds)

"In an exhilarating display of east-meets-west/north-meets-south Minnesota's Empires and Arizona's Hellas Mounds join together to form one massive unforgetable chunk of majesctic instru-metal. While Empires continues to showcase the barren, frozen wastelands of the midwest. the Hellas Mounds debut delivers one giant slab of dense, arid doom as expansive as the desert that surrounds them."


Empires hails from Minneapolis MN, and consists of 4 members. The band is purely instrumental and has doom metal tendencies. They have 2 demos and an album called Through Trial and Tribulation Comes Triumph, released on Saw Her Ghost Records during the summer of 2007. Brian (bass) is also a member of the black metal band ManeThereN, aka Grudlevitikh.
Andy, Jim and Kevin, are also session members and live performers for ManeThereN.

Hellas Mounds
HELLAS MOUNDS, formed in early 2006, is a sonic flood of sounds, textures, and atmosphere that pulls you under barely letting up for even a moment to gasp for air. Even though they have not been around long they have already made a lasting mark while being compared to Mogwai, Red Sparowes, and Rosetta.
2007 saw the release of ‘The Last Ferry To Cydonia Demo Sessions EP’
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