Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Album: General Lee - Hannibal Ad Portas

Band: General Lee
Album: Hannibal Ad Portas
Label: Basement Apes Industry
Year: 2008

03.Our Last Struggle Winter
04.Colossal Rains
05.A Dead Issue
06.Hannibal Ad Portas

Since 2002, General Lee never stopped to look forward their own definition of chaos, melting intensity, blackness and emotion in a shape that belongs to abrasive hardcore music. After some recording try-outs they definitely head out with a mammoth disc in the name of Hannibal Ad Portas. This disc plays with feelings and contrasts by creating a tense climate near to the break. Icy and oppressive atmospheres, heavy and melancholic riffing are mixed ton an abrasive hardcore and a blowing off and cathartic screaming. A music that blurs and destroys the usual plans to be reconstructed in pain...

In a darkening world with blurred possibilities, General Lee take the road of introspection to arrive to a dramatic understanding of the mind's surroundings. Unleashed with a grand dimension of upsetting melodies, Hannibal Ad Portas is evolving from musical damnation to salvation in 6 no-easy-to-listen tracks. One kind of heavy doom.

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