Thursday, September 04, 2008

Album: A.Armada - Anam Cara

Band: A.Armada
Album: Anam Cara
Year: 2008
Label: Hello Sir & Golden Antenna Records

01. The Dam Was Split But The City Was Saved
02. The Moon Shifts The Sea, The Sea Shapes The Shore, The Shore Shakes The Sand, The Sand Sinks The Ship
03. Fall-Triumph
04. Into Days & Nights & Years & Months
05. If Only You Knew What The Lost Soldiers Did To Me

Featuring Matt Nelson and Bryant Williamson from Cinemechanica plus Josh McCauley, touring guitarist from Maserati. They play a style of music more similar to early Maserati except with a greater intensity!


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2 Engineers:

serdelkofil said...

ok, the first track kicks heavily ass. the rest of the cd is just so post boring..

Perrin said...

I personally think this is a fantastic release. :)

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