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Album: Blindead - Autoscopia: Murder in Phazes

Band: Blindead
Album: Autoscopia: Murder in Phazes
Year: 2008
Label: Deadline Records

01. Phaze I: Enlightenment
02. Phaze I: Abyss
03. Phaze II: Symmetry
04. Phaze II: Phenomena
05. Phaze III: Blood Bond
06. Phaze III: A Nice Night for a Walk
07. Phaze IV

Polish heavy music hidden secret, Blindead, return with their second, fully matured full length album "Autoscopia: Murder In Phazes"; an album of grandiose proportions, parallel to "Panopticon" or "The Eye of every Storm".

The intriguing title of the album perfectly corresponds with the music and grasps the overwhelming atmosphere of the album; chaos and lunacy emanating from the very first seconds of "Autoscopia" seem to lure the listener further down the bottomless pit of mental malady, having him twist and turn in claustrophobic thoughts. Yet, as minutes go by the listener fits in, adjusts himself to the immense harshness of "Autopscopia" and discovers sheer beauty flourishing beneath this brutal and seemingly inaccessible music.

With loads of bands operating on the post-metal scene, Blindead is a distinctive creation, a band the music of which excels all the Neurosis and Isis followers. "Autoscopia"” was not created in California, nor was it brought forth in New England. "Autoscopia" is a Central European endeavor with its own identity; hence it can easily compete with the famous Americans. It is post-metal of the 21st century, poignant in its forceful authenticity and at the same time painfully emotional.

When Cult Of Luna released "Eternal Kingdom", one could think that the 2008 post-metal throne has already been conquered, but the Swedes will have to share the laurel wreath with Blindead, as "Autoscopia" is a post-metal album par excellence, one the overlooking of which no music fan can afford – truly a treat for every respectable listener. From the ominous "Phaze I: Enlightenment", through the aural turmoil of the following tracks, to the monumental "Phaze IV", Blindead astonishes with the freshness of ideas and arrangements, the intensity, the heaviness of songs and finally the professionalism of all the musicians.

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