Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Album: Jeudah - While We Sleep

Band: Jeudah
Album: While We Sleep
Label: Black Star Foundation
Year: 2011

01. Things Will Fall Apart
02. While We Sleep
03. Gone
04. Seconds
05. The Edge Of The World
06. Black Swan
07. The Wind Carries Fire
08. A Ghost That Never Leaves
09. The Lash
10. Life In A Sinking Ship

800 kilometers apart. The two members of Jeudah, vocalist Jan Jämte (also in Khoma) and instrumentalist Kristian Karlsson (also in pg.lost), hasn't had that many chances to meet in person. Instead the sound of Jeudah has been forged through a long-distance relationship built around countless of hours of talking and experimenting alone in front of microphones and amplifiers. The result is a sound that encompasses vulnerability, heaviness and epic soundscapes - all in a straightforward, melodic manner. - When Kristian sent me a few songs 2008 I immediately felt there was a musical connection. Sometimes you don't have to talk a lot, or spend hour after hour in a rehearsal room. You just hear it and know what to do. So I started to sing, says Jan. It was like opening a dam. During a couple of months 2008 Jeudah had written over 20 songs and in January the following year Jan and Kristian finally met to start the recording of the debut album While We Sleep. With the exception of Thomas Hedlund - also in Khoma, Cult of Luna, Perishers and more - recording the drums the outspoken idea was to do as much as possible themselves, keeping interference to a minimum. Everything - from writing, to recording and producing should stay be in the arms of Jeudah. A year later the album was done and its been scheduled for release in march 2011 through Black Star Foundation.

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