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Album: The Matador - Descent Into The Maelstrom

Band: The Matador
Album: Descent Into The Maelstrom
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Kingdom Of Glass
02. Parallax Error
03. Eclipse
04. The Woman Clothed In The Sun With The Moon Under Her Feet
05. Vurt

The Matador have recently independently released our Debut EP 'Descent Into The Maelstrom', which they launched with USA's finest noisecore titans, The Chariot, on Thursday April 21 in Brisbane.

The Matador are a 5 piece progressive post-metal outfit from South East Queensland, Australia. They cast themselves apart from the mainstream of Australian heavy music by creating a sound that ranges from down-tempo, complex ambient arrangements to epic, driving walls of earth-crushingly slabs of sludge. With influences ranging from Cult Of Luna, Isis, Thrice and Deftones to Radiohead, Interpol and The National, The Matador have consciously avoided the cliché of breakdowns, blast beats and death growls that currently saturate the heavy music scene.

Recorded between May - December 2010, Descent Into The Maelstrom is inspired by Edgar Allen Poe in both concept and content, aiming to take the listener to the same dark depths that the influential poet transports his readers to. The EP was released worldwide on April 21, and with this release and plans to tour Australia to promote it, The Matador are aiming to bring something fresh and exciting to the heavy music scene in 2011.

As a live act The Matador are building a strong reputation as a force to be reckoned with, with comments such as:
‘The band utilizes experimental melodic sections which help create a landscape of atmosphere, and serve as progression to a later chaotic climax of sounds…’ -
‘Their sound reveals many harmonic layers buried within the post-metal exterior. It’s bleak yet hypnotic, desolate yet enchanting’ - Timeoff Street Press

They are already planning our next recording/release for later in the year with some big ideas in regards to merch tie-ins and promo materials.

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