Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Album: Tides From Nebula - Earthshine

Band: Tides From Nebula
Album: Earthshine
Label: Mystic Productions
Year: 2011

01. These Days, Glory Days
02. The Fall Of Leviathan
03. Waiting For The World To Turn Back
04. Caravans
05. White Gardens
06. Hypothermia
07. Siberia
08. Cemetery Of Frozen Ships

Earthshine’ is the second album from post-rockers Tides From Nebula. Formed in 2008 the band has certainly come a very long way in their short history. The bands debut album 'Aura' was released in March 2009 and immediately received acclaim from media and fans alike. Favourable reviews in media across Europe were received with Polish Weekly 'Przekrój' placing ‘Aura’ in the Top 10 albums of 2009. ‘Teraz Rock’ declared ‘Aura’ as the 4th best debut of 2009.

Tides From Nebula built on the acclaim received for their debut by touring Europe extensively. The band has played with the likes of This Will Destroy You (US), Oceansize (UK), Pure Reason Revolution (UK), Ulver (Nor), Shrinebuilder (US) and many others. In 2009 they toured with fellow post-rockers Caspian (US) and God Is An Astronaut (Irl). During 2010 Tides From Nebula undertook their own headline European Tour taking in Germany, France, Austria, France and Belgium. Later that same year they toured Europe for two months playing a total of 40 shows. This extensive touring has helped the band to gain considerable fan bases in several European countries.

Even though their touring schedule was hectic the band still found time in late 2009 to begin writing new material. The writing of material for ‘Earthshine’ was completed in the first half of 2010. During recording to distance them from everyday life the band took to the remote Polish mountains. This new, inspiring environment proved to be the perfect setting to record, resulting in an album filled with emotional, ambient and energetic soundscapes. ‘Earthshine’ was produced by Zbigniew Preisner, renowned as one of the Worlds foremost composers of music for film and theatre. Zbigniew tracked the band down after hearing them on the radio and offered his experience and expertise. An offer that couldn’t be refused or understated ‘Working with such a great composer brought a new perspective to our compositions, Zbigniew’s invaluable experience has certainly enriched us as musicians’ states Maciej. ‘We put our all in to ‘Earthshine’ our very beings, what we have created makes us very proud’.

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