Friday, November 22, 2013

Poll: Best Release for 2013

From 1st till 20th of December we will be posting one album each day from our TOP20 for Blogovision 2013.
As from now, you can vote for the best release of 2013 on the sidebar. The results will be posted on 31th December 2013 as readers TOP20. You can vote for multiple albums and the order the releases are written here doesn't matter. (Read the whole list).

Sorry for any releases I left out, unfortunately I couldn't make a list with all the releases.

Happy voting! :)

5 Engineers:

Anonymous said...

Are you seriously picking Year of no Lights soundtrack-album instead of their "real" album Tocsin? Why?

Nordsee said...

Because it is officially released on 29th of November :) Believe me, I prefer Tocsin too and even more their early albums.

Anonymous said...

hey! you should check Karnivool's Assimmetry.

awesome blog

Anonymous said...

Think I'm going with Light Bearer, though I was surprised not to see Deafheaven on the list. On another note everyone should check out Last Poem First Light by So Hideous.. Short but powerful release

Nordsee said...

I know I left some bands out of the poll, but it was only because I didn't remembered them while making the poll. So Hideous would definitely be in the poll, so would Deafheaven and some other bands I realised that I forgot about :/

Also check