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Album: Képzelt Város - Anatolij

Band: Képzelt Város
Album: Anatolij
Label: Mamazone Records
Year: 2013

01. Kepler
02. Orion
03. Vörös Óriás
04. Albireo B
05. Epszilon
06. Libra
07. Nóva
08. Theodor
09. Ég Veled, Anatolij!

The “Anatolij” takes the listener to the endless universe. It does not show you a sci-fi world filled with aliens, it simply gazes the frightening and stunning infinity of the outer space instead.

The album tells the story of a conspiracy theory, a short episode in the human space flight competition between the United States and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.  The reputation was at stake: who will be the first nation to send a human to space and to recover both him and the spacecraft safely to Earth?

In the early 1960’s, an Italian space researcher caught random radio signals from space in Russian language. The signals turned out to be SOS messages from a cosmonaut couple, Anatoly and Ludmilla Tokov. According to the captivating story, the couple was successfully sent to space before Yuri Gagarin. They had no chance to make it back to Earth, though. Due to technology issues, they were hopelessly left alone in the fearsome emptiness. The conception of the album is deeply influenced by this story, it tells about the experiences of a metaphoric and tragic journey. Moreover, the songs of “Anatolij” try to describe the beauty of the adventure as well. Launching a cosmonaut couple to the unknown space can also work as a beautiful metaphor for marriage and other relationships. The advantage of these songs is that you will probably find new layers in them over again, which gives other possibilities of interpretations for the music.

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