Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Album: Epic45 - Weathering

Band: Epic45
Album: Weathering
Label: Make Mine Music
Year: 2011

01. People Say This Place Is Slowly Dying
02. The Village Is Asleep
03. Evening Silhouettes
04. With Our Backs To The City
05. Summer Message
06. Afternoon, Shadowed
07. The Weather Is Not Your Friend
08. These Walks Saved Us
09. Ghosts I Have Known
10. Weathering
11. Washed Up

Epic45 is, was and always will be a home recording project/collective based round the ideas and inspiration of childhood friends Ben Holton and Rob Glover. As a ‘group’ Epic45 has seen a few different lineups, as people come and go. Occasional forays into studios do occur from time to time, the first EP ‘Shorebound’ was mainly recorded in 1998 in a small, untidy studio in the attic of an old house in Rugeley! Since then 99% of recording has taken place in various homes as its found to be an overall more satisfying process.

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