Sunday, March 27, 2011

Album : Radius System - Architects of Yesterday

Band: Radius System
Album: Architects Of Yesterday
Label: Self Released
Year: 2011

01. Autopilot
02. Curators
03. Feed Feed Connect
04. Siberian Winter
05. Air Leaks
06. Vacant Before
07. Parallel Notebooks
08. Of Yesterday
09. Funeral
10. Picture Goodbye

Since 2001 Radius System scratches, burns & blends rock structures, electronic beats, cinematic ambiances and space rock epics, to deliver intense and colourful music.

The core duo of the band consists of Gregory Hoepffner (Time To Burn, Painting By Numbers, Dawnshape, Brighton, TEMPLATE) & Axel Dallou. They also make music videos under the name “Radius Labs”.

They released 2 Albums and an EP so far : “Work In Progress” (2005), “Escape / Restart” (2008, free download), “Almost Nothing EP” (2008, free download).

Architects of Yesterday is their third album. This albm "is a homage to the failure of modern dreams, unreached brighter futures, and wasted lives through idleness. Crashing straight into the wall, without the force to deviate your path, only looking backwards with regrets."

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OMG! So so nice instrumental!!! But the singer? No way! Destroys everything...

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